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Offer a complete, always-available
mobile CRM solution.

By partnering with TenDigits, you can extend the value of your Dynamic CRM practice to help your customers achieve their full business potential and objectives.

For many organizations, CRM is fast becoming the centerpiece of collaboration for their business processes; however, most mobility options typically mean limited access or serious compromises in functionality, usability and include significant security risks. This means that your customers' most important employees are disconnected from the information and processes that are critical to performing everyday tasks while out of the office.

Created to deliver rich functionality in an uncomplicated way, MobileAccess allows mobile workers to be productive anywhere – on planes, client sites, and more – by providing a seamless always-available Dynamics CRM experience on the leading enterprise smartphones.

As a TenDigits Partner, you can:

Close the CRM sale
With tens of millions of enterprise smartphones deployed worldwide – often the first question asked in the CRM sales cycle is: Will Dynamics CRM work with our smartphones?

MobileAccess answers the call with the ultimate wireless mobile solution including a comprehensive set of features and functionality that will address the most basic to the most demanding and sophisticated requirements. Various licensing options provide a fast and flexible manner to obtain the mobile solution your customer needs.

Increase your revenues
Grow the size of your CRM engagements by driving broader customer adoption of mobile CRM across sales, service and executive roles. Increase your sales and service revenue by offering and delivering MobileAccess to your customers and prospects.

Gain a competitive edge
Be the first in your market to offer the complete mobile CRM solution – MobileAccess. Quickly integrate MobileAccess with other legacy systems and data sources using .NET programming tools and techniques to provide a complete 360° view of all business information regardless of the source.

Extend the value of your CRM solution
Deliver on your existing customer requests for a rich, always-available wireless CRM solution for Microsoft Dynamics. Start engagements with your highest risk constituents – field sales and service personnel - to gain early momentum and user acceptance.

TenDigits contributes to the success of a large number of Alliance Partners, including system integrators, value-added resellers, and service providers. You can select from a variety of partnership options that suit your business model and desired level of engagement with TenDigits.

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