Why MobileAccess?

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MobileAccess is the leading mobile CRM solution for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Optimized for the latest enterprise-class of mobile devices, MobileAccess is easy to use, easy to deploy, works online and on multiple devices, can adapt to your changing business needs, and is fully customizable to work seamlessly with your unique CRM system.

If that's not enough, here are ten compelling reasons to choose TenDigits MobileAccess as your mobile CRM solution:

  1. Stronger sales and service teams

    MobileAccess does everything you would expect a mobile CRM solution to do, and much more. As well as making all of your core CRM functions available to your mobile workforce, Mobile Access also delivers an array of advanced features – each one designed to deliver powerful benefits. If it doesn't help you and your business and save you time, effort or money, it's not there. Take a Tour.

  2. More value from your CRM investment

    CRM is only effective if your employees can keep it up to date with timely and relevant information. MobileAccess lets you make the most of your Microsoft Dynamics CRM investment by allowing them to use it in the field to update contacts, request information, and always have access to the latest customer information.

  3. Increased productivity. Less effort.

    From intelligent search features and time-saving multimedia functionality to Smart Forms that make updating records on the fly fast and easy, MobileAccess takes your Microsoft Dynamics CRM system and transforms it into a powerful competitive advantage in the hands of your mobile workers. Whatever you need a mobile CRM solution to do, whether in sales, customer service or a customized integration unique to your business, MobileAccess can do it quickly and cost-effectively. View Solutions.

  4. Familiar, but different. In a good way.

    User adoption is crucial to the success of your mobile CRM solution. If they don't like the way it looks and works on their mobile device they won't use it. That's why we designed and optimized MobileAccess specifically for mobile devices, instead of just shrinking Microsoft Dynamics CRM screens to fit on a smartphone. The result is a rich, familiar experience no matter what device your sales manager, CEO, sales executive, and other users choose. Take a Tour.

  5. Freedom to choose any device

    Because Microsoft Dynamics CRM works better everywhere and because the best mobile devices deserve the best mobile CRM application, we designed MobileAccess to work across as many devices and in as many locations as possible. MobileAccess works on the latest smartphones and tablets, providing users with a real choice of how and where to access their CRM system. View Multiple Devices.

  6. Mobile CRM made easy

    MobileAccess makes life easier for your mobile CRM users because it works seamlessly on their preferred mobile device and gives them everything they need to do their job better. Your IT department will find it easy to deploy and customize and, unlike other approaches that require complex development with attached cost and risk, you can leave the development, ongoing maintenance and support to us. View MobileAccess in Action.

  7. Quick and easy deployment

    MobileAccess is quick and easy to deploy, and very easy to customize – removing the need for expensive programming and IT time. One set-up deploys MobileAccess to multiple devices and it's easy to centrally manage multiple users and CRM systems. You can deploy as much or as little of your Microsoft Dynamics CRM system to mobile devices, including role-based access and security settings for individuals or user groups. Take a Tour.

  8. Invaluable business benefits

    Imagine the competitive advantage gained from enabling your mobile staff to easily access and update CRM throughout the day? Or being able to save information such as photos, videos and even voice notes to Microsoft Dynamics CRM records on the fly? Or automating critical workflow notifications such as client approvals? No need to imagine anything. You can do all this and more with MobileAccess.

  9. CRM unleashed. Globally.

    MobileAccess combined with Microsoft Dynamics CRM lets you provide a true global CRM solution, with all mobile networks fully supported, including 3G, CDMA, GPRS, UMTS, HSPDA, and Wi-Fi. We even include the option for users to use mobile CRM in their choice of 25 languages.

  10. Serving our customers since 1999

    TenDigits has been in the CRM and mobility business for over 10 years now, or about 30 years in "internet years"! We're an innovative company with a strong track record – not a "fly-by-night" company looking to make a quick buck. We're here for you and passionate about developing the mobile CRM solutions you need, as well as providing ongoing support, customization and training.

While not all companies deploy sales mobility, those that do, outperform those that do not across a myriad of measures, including overall team attainment of quota, lower sales turnover, as well as better year-over-year growth around revenue, customer renewals, deal size and CRM adoption.

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