Web-based Administration

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MobileAccess automatically inherits all your MS Dynamics CRM customizations during the initial set-up, meaning there is no need for extensive upfront programming and configuration. The graphical, point-and-click Administrator Console then sits inside your MS Dynamics CRM console, allowing administrators to easily manage, enhance and augment the mobile CRM experience for your users.

Single platform set-up

One of the features most appreciated by our customers is the ease of deployment of MobileAccess. There is no need for programming during the initial configuration process and administrators can manage the mobile CRM system from within their MS Dynamics CRM console.

Automatic form rendering

MobileAccess automatically transforms all your MS Dynamics CRM forms into their mobile-ready equivalents, including any customizations such as changes to layouts, tabbed pages, and any new or modified attributes. This allows you to make and publish form changes without costly programming. And your users will always have the latest version of MS Dynamics CRM on their mobile devices.

Advanced form customization

The MobileAccess WYSIWYG visual form designer lets you take the automatically generated mobile versions of MS Dynamics CRM forms to a new level. You can modify all aspects of your mobile CRM form equivalents, including changing the security requirements of attributes (such as read-only and hidden), setting default values, and controlling numerous other visual layout controls.

Multi-tenancy hosting

For large organizations managing a number of MS Dynamics CRM configurations, multiple MobileAccess installations can be combined into one install. This not only makes it easier to manage those customers, but also makes better use of server hardware and reduces overall operations costs.

.NET application integration

MobileAccess allows Visual Studio developers to include access to external application data from ERP, Financials and legacy systems.

Optional features

The console lets administrators easily manage the mobile CRM experience of your users from one central hub. This includes sending emails, profile management, importing and exporting, multiple user management, user device management, troubleshooting, providing support, and generating user reports.