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We’ll help you get the most out of MobileAccess

Software Assurance is an essential component of any MobileAccess deployment to help ensure you are extracting full value from the solution at all times.

We offer three levels of support:

Standard Software Assurance
Standard Software Assurance ensures that you have access to the information you require as well as the latest upgrades for MobileAccess. Email and toll-free telephone support allows for access to TenDigits Support engineers during standard business hours.

Premium Software Assurance
Premium Software Assurance extends all the features of Standard Software Assurance to provide direct access to TenDigits Technical Support engineers during extended business hours – providing email and toll-free telephone access, rapid response, and priority queuing for business critical production environments. This program also includes a 2-hour response time.

Custom Software Assurance Program
In addition to all features available in Standard and Premium Software Assurance, TenDigits offers several custom options, including: Rapid Response, 24x7x365 Emergency Support, Technician-to-Site Assistance, and a Dedicated Support Manager. These options may be contracted individually or collectively included as part of your custom support program.

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