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Powerful form logic

The powerful form logic behind MobileAccess smart forms speeds up the access to and input of customer information on the fly. For example, smart forms dynamically reduce many fields presented on a form down to only those that are required at that particular time. As the user enters information, other relevant fields will then be presented real-time based on that specific data input.

MobileAccess smart form logic isn't limited to simply hiding or presenting data fields based on data input. The user experience can be optimized by having smart form logic applied that performs calculations such as calculating totals; validates field values such as email address or phone number formatting; or, even auto-populates mapped field values when creating related records.

Example Scenario

Imagine your field Representatives are expected to complete a “Call Report” in CRM after each customer visit. The challenge on a mobile device is that the CRM form may have 50 or more fields, many of which may not be needed depending on the nature of visit – for example, different types of products or services. You’re justifiably concerned that having too many fields on a form will be cumbersome to access and update on a mobile device. At the same time, each of the fields will be required at some time, and must be available for users to access as needed.

Now imagine that the Call Report in MobileAccess on the smartphone or tablet, simply shows 5 key fields that the Representative would use in every case. As they update these fields, often with drop-down menu selections, a few more fields are presented to update including one of that has already been auto-populated based on the data input. One field requires a date entry (ie. expected delivery date) and the validity of the value is confirmed automatically. Perhaps the Representative also inputs their time spent travelling to the customer, time spent selling, and preparing for a visit, with another field automatically summarizing each of those fields.


MobileAccess smart forms maximize productivity and provide your organization with a competitive advantage by optimizing the Mobile CRM experience to better ensure critical customer information is accurately and quickly entered in CRM on the fly.

Smart forms just need to be configured once and are automatically applied to all your mobile device types – removing the need for time-consuming and expensive programming required by other products. That is, one-set-up exercise, and the smart forms logic applies to your Android phones and tablets, your BlackBerry devices, iPhones, iPads and Windows Mobile smartphones.

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