Smart Alerts

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Smart alerts accelerate business processes by automatically notifying mobile users, regardless of what application is currently running on their device, about new information or critical workflow events that require action or a timely response.

This could include lead response, customer service escalation, pricing approvals, expense authorizations, credit approvals, work assignments, and many other business processes.

Any workflow you've designed for your Microsoft Dynamics CRM deployment, however complex, can use smart alerts to continue business processes even when key participants are out of the office.

Smart alerts improve the timeliness of responses, extend your processes out into the field, and give you a competitive advantage.

Example: Lead response and distribution

Problem: Responding to lead requests in a timely manner is difficult when there is a large volume of leads and notifications do not provide the full CRM record.

Solution: Distributing leads via a smart alert so that sales representative is aware, is fully informed of the CRM record, and is able to initiate an immediate response from his smartphone.

Benefit: Response time reduced from two days to a matter of minutes, and the CRM is updated in real time when a lead is converted into an opportunity.

Example: Service request and dispatch

Problem: Responding to a service request is difficult when the full details of the request are only available to technician from a laptop resident in his vehicle.

Solution: Dispatching detailed service requests direct to the technician's smartphone using smart alerts allows the technician to accept the job immediately and arrive on-site ready to begin work.

Benefit: Response time reduced from several hours to several minutes, and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the technician.

Example: Credit application and approval

Problem: In the field with customers, Financial Services Representatives need to provide fast approval for credit.

Solution: Credit application form can be completed on a smartphone, and a manager at another location can receive a smart alert of the request, review the details and approve it directly from their smartphone.

Benefit: Credit approval occurs on-site in a matter of minutes instead of being delayed by a day, improving customer satisfaction and loyalty.