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Sell more effectively.
Be more productive.

MobileAccess extends your Microsoft Dynamics CRM system out into the field and securely into the hands of your people. With a huge range of powerful features – each one designed to deliver a significant benefit – MobileAccess goes well beyond other approaches to mobile CRM.

Lead management

  • Highlight hot leads
  • Assign leads and tasks
  • Associate email messages with leads and opportunities
  • Qualify and respond to leads faster
  • Streamline lead scoring and conversion

Manage accounts and contacts

  • Track all activities and interactions for each account
  • Identify specific influencers and other individuals within each account
  • Quickly identify cross-sell and up-sell opportunities
  • Keep on top of contract renewal dates and details
  • View historical activities and communications

Increase productivity

  • Access information anytime, anywhere
  • Improve communication and collaboration with inside and outside teams
  • Receive important alerts while in the field
  • Enter data more quickly, consistently and with improved quality
  • Sync automatically with CRM

Maximize opportunities

  • Close deals faster
  • Sell more effectively
  • Create and monitor customized offers and pricing
  • Track competitors
  • Track generated revenue
  • Ensure consistent sales processes through set workflows
  • Use leading sales methodologies while in the field

Pipeline management

  • Easily track the sales pipeline while in the field
  • Track revenue goals by dates, financial periods and other criteria
  • Track sales targets by individual or group
  • Identify trends with reports
  • Optimize the inside and outside team sales process

Streamline workflows

  • Improve productivity with defined workflows
  • Automatically create and assign tasks across your organization
  • Get approvals, such as price approvals, on the fly
  • Set automated alerts
  • Ensure consistent sales processes and follow-through

Improve user acceptance

  • Give your sales force access to real-time data from mobile devices
  • Allow your sales force to use their preferred mobile device
  • Ensure sales professionals are better prepared for customer meetings
  • Enable rapid responses while on the road
  • Enjoy anytime, anywhere access to CRM information
  • React quickly to new opportunities as they arise

Improve decision-making

  • Gain business insight to activities occurring in the field
  • Make use of built-in reports to minimize IT involvement
  • Identify key selling scenarios
  • Share and access all relevant historical information