Rich User Experience

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Internal buy-in to your mobile CRM solution is crucial to its success. If your users don’t like using it, they won’t use it. MobileAccess provides a rich, satisfying user experience that improves productivity and encourages increased mobile CRM adoption.

Personalized mobile profiles

Through the MobileAccess Administrator Console, you can create a highly customizable mobile CRM profile for each user or group of users to provide them with an experience tailored to their role and responsibilities. This profile will include the list of supported online or offline entities, as well as any unique customizations and integrated applications.

Independent device personalization

Once a user is set up with MobileAccess on their device, there are several user-controlled options that can be adjusted according to the user's own preference. These can be changed at any time, with default options being set by the administrator. These options include:

  • Record pagination
  • Log phone call prompting
  • Outbound email copy to CRM prompting
  • Address smart-matching
  • Alert notification profiles

Device-optimized navigation

MobileAccess works seamlessly with the latest high-resolution, touch screen smartphones, including user-friendly interfaces, enhanced graphics, and the familiar icons of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Regardless of what type of navigation your mobile device uses, including touch screens, optical pads, trackballs, buttons, and even old-school track wheels, or their software equivalents, MobileAccess works intuitively with each device. Our patented multi-window navigation allows users to multi-task and instantly switch between open CRM records, views, and searches effortlessly.

Sync automatically

Automatic synchronization between mobile devices and the CRM server makes sure users always have access to the most up-to-date business information.

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