Rapid, Easy Deployment

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The MobileAccess server software makes deployment easy and facilitates a superior user experience. The server addresses critical attributes, including security, data integrity, automated synchronization, and real-time alert notifications.

Cross-platform compatibility

MobileAccess lets you use mobile CRM on your preferred mobile device, as well as working with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, Partner-hosted, or CRM On-premise deployments. It also works across all CRM versions including: 3.0, 4.0 and 2011 – no matter what your deployment model or device of choice is, we’ve got you covered.

Centralized management

Make all your system modifications within the MobileAccess Administrator Console, including determining the list of supported entities, adding custom entities, altering the appearance of each entity's icons, changing attributes used in lists, setting and disabling system views, defining offline datasets, and configuring menu actions.

Distributed server deployment

If you have a large user base with high-availability and performance requirements, MobileAccess supports a distributed deployment model to address even the most demanding scalability requirements.

Solution management

Quickly add and remove users, profiles, integrations, and customizations – a major plus when trying to manage customizations between various environments such as Development, Staging, UAT and Production. Easily manage and deploy partner-supplied Vertical Industry or xRM solutions. Change management and version control is built-in and hassle free.