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TenDigits Launches New Version of MobileAccess to Improve Capability and Manageability of Mobility Solutions for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Enhancements for Access to Microsoft Dynamics CRM from BlackBerry® and Windows Mobile Devices Improve the Experience for both Users and IT Managers

Vancouver, BCTenDigits Software, Inc., a leading provider of mobility solutions for Microsoft (MSFT: NASDAQ) Dynamics CRM, today announced the release of MobileAccess 4.5. This release provides enhancements to both user and IT manager capabilities while also keeping pace with new advances in both BlackBerry® and Windows Mobile devices. For users, an enhanced look-and-feel and increased responsiveness is coupled with new features taking advantage of leading edge smartphone capabilities. For example, users can capture photos, with GPS coordinates and time data embedded into records, immediately extending CRM's usefulness in documenting assets, incidents or other relevant business events.

BlackBerry Storm with MobileAccess
MobileAccess for BlackBerry Storm

“Many of our customers are excited about the ability to capture photos and upload files like video and voice recordings from their mobile smartphones, directly into CRM. It’s the first time I've seen this capability in a mobile CRM product,” said Dave Weiner, VP of Microsoft Dynamics, Cole Systems Associates, Inc. “If a picture is worth a thousand words, I'm sure this will save a significant amount of typing out in the field. As well, this capability will greatly improve the richness, quality and value of the data being collected in the field.”

In addition to the highly visible benefits to end users, many of this releases innovations are found in capabilities for manageability, customization and deployment options.

“This release reflects our commitment to providing the most comprehensive support for Microsoft Dynamics CRM on BlackBerry® and Windows Mobile Devices,” commented Derek Warburton, VP of Sales, at TenDigits. “While also demonstrating our ongoing innovation efforts to enhance the adaptability, performance and manageability of our mobile solution platform.”

The major features added to MobileAccess 4.5 are described below.

  • New End User Capabilities - A richer set of capabilities are made available through Smart Actionable Alerts™ and new integrated features including the ability to capture photos and upload files of any type to Dynamics CRM from smartphones.
  • User Interface Enhancements - A faster, more intuitive icon-driven user interface as well as enhancements to multi-tasking navigation.
  • Expanded Device Support - Increased support for new capabilities in new BlackBerry® and Windows Mobile Devices, including BlackBerry Storm support.
  • Performance Enhancements - Improved end-to-end performance encompassing enhanced interface responsiveness, synchronization speed and deployment efficiency.
  • New Deployment and Configuration Capabilities - Simplified deployment of secure key infrastructure, support for deployment of MobileAccess for both Dynamics CRM 3.0 and 4.0, and new configuration options for leveraging GPS, barcode, photo and audio device capabilities.
  • Management Enhancements – The administrator console features an improved look-and-feel and simplifies deployment, improving IT management efficiency and effectiveness.

An extensive list of new features can be found at

“MobileAccess provides extensive capabilities for organizations to increase mobile worker productivity without compromising on flexibility or manageability,” said Brad Wilson, General Manager for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. “Organizations are increasingly wanting to improve workforce responsiveness and Microsoft Dynamics CRM and TenDigits MobileAccess are a great way to achieve this.”

New integrated features include support for photo capture, barcode scanning, signature capture (Windows Mobile only) and GPS coordinate capture support. These capabilities mean visual records, asset tracking, transaction sign-off, and location-based tracking can become integral parts of customer records and business operations.

An icon-driven interface replaces the menu-driven interface of MobileAccess to make interactions faster and more intuitive, and making it easier to support finger-point navigation in touch-enabled devices.

A rich set of new capabilities are possible through a feature called Smart Actionable Alerts, which leverages the intelligence of smartphones to provide mobile alerts that are tightly integrated with CRM data interactions. For example, notification of a new lead assignment can result in immediate follow up and logging of prospect-specific activities. In fact, any workflow designed for a Dynamics CRM deployment can leverage the new Smart Actionable Alerts feature so that business processes can be supported, and in fact accelerated, among key participants who are out of the office.

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