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TenDigits Announces Mobile Alerts Feature, Smart Actionable Alerts, for MobileAccess for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Leveraging Smartphone Capabilities, Smart Actionable Alerts™ Helps Automate Critical Business Processes Anywhere, Anytime

Vancouver, BCTenDigits Software, Inc., a leading provider of mobility solutions for Microsoft (MSFT: NASDAQ) Dynamics CRM, today unveiled a unique new mobile alerts capability along with the release of of version 4.5 of MobileAccess. This capability, called Smart Actionable Alerts™, represents a unique approach to automating notifications and facilitating productive responses to these notifications. This approach is unique because, unlike other mobile alerts which send an email or an SMS message that is disconnected from the applications and data, a complete notification and response loop is enabled in MobileAccess – the alert is received on the smartphone, no matter what the user is currently doing, to engage the user to take an immediate action.

“Smart Actionable Alerts leverage the power of smartphones to provide a new alert experience,” said Sean Gocher, CEO and Founder of TenDigits. “Unlike the message-oriented mobile alerts offered in some mobile solutions, users of MobileAccess get notified, view the information in context of the CRM records, and have the ability to take action anywhere, anytime from their smartphone. This provides our customers with a significant competitive advantage in terms of responsiveness and productivity.”

Business processes such as lead response, customer service escalation, pricing approvals, expense authorizations, and work assignments can be automated with coordinated notification and responses across many people and across great remote distance. MobileAccess users are presented with notification pop-ups regardless of what application is currently running on the device, and then can be pulled into the CRM and begin the necessary actions effortlessly. With MobileAccess the whole notification and response process can occur in less than a few minutes so that the organization is more responsive and business processes get completed faster.

For examples of how this new alert experience provides a competitive advantage, see these use case examples at:

“Our customers like to customize their Microsoft CRM to reflect how their business works, and they need their mobile users to be able to take advantage of this,” states Georges Haddad, President of Le Groupe SCI Inc. “With MobileAccess they can reduce cycle time from days to minutes for key business processes by using Smart Actionable Alerts.”

Microsoft Dynamics CRM has powerful workflow capabilities that make it easy to create custom workflows for any give business process. Any workflow you've designed for your Dynamics CRM deployment can leverage the new Smart Actionable Alerts feature so that business processes can continue even when key participants in the process are out of the office.

“We continue to be impressed with how partners like TenDigits are able to leverage the power and flexibility of Microsoft Dynamics CRM to drive a highly effective user experience,” said Brad Wilson, General Manager for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. “With Smart Actionable Alerts, TenDigits has extended CRM workflows directly into the hands of mobile workers in a powerful and unique way.”

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