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The ability to simultaneously work with multiple screens greatly improves productivity and usability, which helps drive mobile CRM user adoption.

MobileAccess offers a unique multi-windowed application, much like CRM on a workstation. This lets you open as many Microsoft Dynamics CRM screens as needed at one time, and keep them open for quick back-and-forth multi-tasking. No additional CPU or memory is consumed with this feature, and there is also the option of using a single-pane, non-multitasking interface.

How it works

You can, for example, open an Account screen, a Contact, and also review an Opportunity. With all the screens staying open, you can start typing a note in an Activity, and part way through reference an Opportunity, or perhaps leave MobileAccess and review an email, or even receive a customer call.

When you return to MobileAccess, even hours later, the partly completed Activity note and all the screens are just as you left them. This increases productivity, prevents lost data, and dramatically improves your user experience.