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MobileAccess Online is our hosted solution. It enables you to benefit from the cost and IT resource savings of using 'cloud computing,' and offers unmatched productivity, security and usability.

$20 / user / month
+ Setup fee from $295

Setup Fee

Our goal is to get your organization up and running MobileAccess successfully and as quickly as possible. To do that, our mobile CRM gurus will work with your business and technical people to understand your objectives in order to configure and deliver a superior mobile CRM experience. Typically, this 2-hour session per organization for $295 is all that is required for most trials, pilots and many smaller deployments. For requirements that go beyond the scope of this setup, see Advanced Configuration Services.

Advanced Configuration Services

MobileAccess can be deployed in a wide variety of configurations. To further optimize your mobile CRM experience with the configuration that’s just right for your organization, leverage our Advanced Configuration Services. This service is ideal for:

  • More sophisticated mobile CRM configuration
  • Larger user deployments
  • Smart Form logic design and implementation  
  • Creating multiple Mobile Profiles for unique groups of users
  • Integration with 3rd party applications and systems.

We also offer a range of training courses.

Online 3-for-FREE offer

Get started today to take advantage of this special offer that gives you three user licenses for free. Use this offer to take MobileAccess for a no-risk test-drive; or order more than 3 users, knowing you will never pay for the first three.

Unlike most ‘trial’ offers that only last 15 or 30 days, this one lets three users use MobileAccess free for an auto-renewing 12-month period for as long as the software and service is offered; and as long as your organization wishes to use MobileAccess.

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