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MobileAccess works seamlessly with your Microsoft Dynamics CRM on-premise deployment, and is highly configurable to meet your business and user needs.

starting at
$295 / user
+ software assurance
starting at
$1295 / server
+ software assurance

Advanced Configuration Services

To ensure a successful implementation, with the configuration that’s right for your organization, leverage our Advanced Configuration Services.

This service is required for all On-premises deployments. The amount of services needed by your organization largely depends upon the complexity of your environment. Typical deployments require a day of time for installation, training and configuration and vary depending on your needs which may include the following:

  • More sophisticated mobile CRM configuration
  • Larger user deployments
  • Smart Form logic design and implementation  
  • Creating multiple Mobile Profiles for unique groups of users
  • Integration with 3rd party applications and systems

We also offer a range of training courses.

On-premise 3-for-FREE offer

Get started today to take advantage of this special offer that gives you three user licenses for free. Use this offer to take MobileAccess for a no-risk test-drive; or order more than 3 users, knowing you will never pay for the first three.

Unlike most ‘trial’ offers that only last 15 or 30 days, this one lets three users use MobileAccess free for an auto-renewing 12-month period for as long as the software and service is offered; and as long as your organization wishes to use MobileAccess.

As successful on-premise deployments require some planning, let’s Get Started today with an open discussion.

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