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The mobile CRM solution that works.
For everyone. Everywhere.

MobileAccess is a mobile CRM solution that works for you, your sales team, your IT team and anyone else who uses it. Ultimately, it works for your business and fits your Microsoft Dynamics CRM configuration, the way you want it to. Here are a few examples.

Samantha, Sales Manager, BlackBerry user

Wants sales staff to be able to choose their preferred device

MobileAccess is empowering us to sell more effectively.

What Samantha needs:

  • Improve Sales Team effectiveness and productivity
  • Improve forecast integrity
  • Improve quality of CRM info gathered

Team buy-in
"As a Sales Manager, I know the success of my team depends on the quality of our Microsoft Dynamics CRM implementation. I also understand the importance of user adoption. If our sales people don't use CRM to update key information, its value and ROI are greatly compromised."

An effective mobile solution
"When we deployed Dynamics CRM 18 months ago, we initially struggled with adoption. My sales team spends up to 60% of any given week visiting customers and attending conferences – and without a quality mobility solution, sales opportunities and activities were only periodically being added or updated in CRM."

What Samantha gets:

Significant increase and consistency in CRM usage
"We deployed MobileAccess and I'm pleased to report a significant increase and consistency in CRM usage. Now our sales people update CRM frequently throughout the day, especially after important customer calls. Adding information as sales activities take place has greatly improved the quality of our data in CRM."

A more efficient sales team
"My sales pipeline reports and forecasts are more accurate and I have greater confidence in the team. With access to CRM on the road, our sales people are more prepared for customer meetings and can immediately follow-up by forwarding brochures stored in CRM. MobileAccess is empowering us to sell more effectively."


  • Automatic synchronization
  • Ability to capture important email and phone calls in CRM
  • Take and save photos
  • Run sales forecast reports in real-time
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Geoffrey, Executive, iPhone user

Needs a mobile CRM solution that adapts to changing business needs

Increased adoption means our people are better prepared for customer meetings with comprehensive access to historical information.

What Geoffrey needs:

  • Adapt quickly to business changes
  • Increase CRM user adoption
  • Decrease response time to customer inquires
  • Reduce costs due to staff turnover

Adapt to change
"In our business, the only constant is change. We continuously evolve to address market changes, so it's critical that our mobility solution quickly adopts CRM customizations. We simply can't afford to rely on specialist programmers, and the related time and cost, to update our mobility solution every time CRM is modified."

Quick customizations
"We chose MobileAccess because its architecture allows our Microsoft Dynamics CRM administrator to push customizations over-the-air to mobile devices quickly."

What Geoffrey gets:

Timely updates
"Our sales teams have full access to the latest CRM changes and updates while in the field. They can accurately update critical and relevant information in CRM while it's timely. And because MobileAccess is easy to use and always available, more sales people are tracking their business activities in CRM."

Increased adoption
"Increased adoption means our people are better prepared for customer meetings with comprehensive access to historical information. It also drastically minimizes turnover costs. New sales people are more effective on day one, with well-documented customer information and history at their fingertips. With MobileAccess, CRM works where our business happens - in the field."


  • Familiar user experience
  • Easy deployment and customization
  • Improved productivity
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Charlie, Sales Executive, Windows Phone user

Needs a mobile CRM solution that’s easy to use

While in the field, I can answer their questions with access to their full account history and to inventory information.

What Charlie needs:

  • Reduce after hours work/data entry
  • Reduce customer request to response time
  • Improve customer satisfaction

Daily CRM updates
"At first, I was concerned when management launched the new Microsoft Dynamics CRM system and announced a daily update policy. They expected us update CRM every day with relevant meeting notes, opportunity status, and updated customer information. I spend most of my time at client offices and didn't want my family time impacted to update CRM in the evening or weekends."

What Charlie gets:

Anywhere, anytime access
"I was thrilled that they also introduced MobileAccess to provide anywhere, anytime CRM access. The total solution is easy to use. With MobileAccess, I can access and update CRM throughout the day – before, during, and immediately after customer meetings while the information is still fresh. It takes just a moment."

Faster response times
"More importantly, customers are impressed by my responsiveness to their requests. While in the field, I can answer their questions with access to their full account history and to inventory information. My customers appreciate the enhanced service and many have increased the amount of business they do with me. With MobileAccess, I can take CRM everywhere, do more anywhere, and achieve better sales results."


  • Familiar user experience
  • Document management
  • Integration and access to external, non-CRM application data
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James, Field Service Technician, Windows Mobile user

Needs a solution that supports camera, barcode scanning and other hardware features

While working at a customer location, I can provide the customer with the service they need.

What James needs:

  • Get customer approvals on the fly
  • Update customer information quickly
  • Make the most of advanced smartphone features

Robust hardware features
"Always on the move, I use a full-featured, rugged mobile device with extra hardware features such as camera, GPS, barcode scanning and signature capture. I want to perform tasks such as getting work orders signed off by customers and forwarding documents to customers while on-site."

What James gets:

Provides better service
"While working at a customer location, I can provide the customer with the service they need, capture photos of the work performed, get approval for the work done, and even invoice and print – all when I am on-site with the customer. I can also create new opportunities for our sales team when I'm approached by people interested in our services."


  • Take and save photos with GPS co-ordinates
  • Scan the barcodes of materials consumed
  • Capture customer signature for work order approval
  • Works online and offline
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Patrick, IT Professional, Android user

Needs a secure, robust mobile CRM solution that's easy to use and deploy

Ability to adapt to change quickly ensures we're contributing to the effectiveness and productivity of our sales and service teams.

What Patrick needs:

  • Adapt quickly to business changes
  • Ensure data security and integrity
  • Leverage existing technology investments and skills
  • Investment in cost effective mobility platform

Secure and adaptable
"When I was asked to select the mobile CRM solution for our Microsoft Dynamics CRM deployment, I really did my homework. I knew it was critical that the solution provide outstanding security and data integrity. It needed to easily and quickly adapt to changes in our business. It was also important to leverage existing technology investments and internal skills."

What Patrick gets:

Designed for Microsoft Dynamics CRM
"After reviewing a few solutions, I was elated to discover MobileAccess. It's an extremely well designed solution. MobileAccess provides superior end-to-end security and data integrity. Because it's specifically designed for Dynamics CRM, we were able to leverage our internal technology investments and skills to administer MobileAccess."

Easy to customize
"We're often asked to customize CRM, and the same administrators can quickly publish and push updated clients to MobileAccess users, minimizing costs. This ability to adapt to change quickly ensures we're contributing to the effectiveness and productivity of our sales and service teams, giving them more time to focus on their priorities. Most importantly, our sales and service teams love it. MobileAccess is a perfect fit to Microsoft Dynamics CRM."


  • Secure and scalable
  • Easy deployment
  • Only one set-up needed
  • Configure once, apply everywhere Smart Forms
  • Fits existing CRM configuration
  • User-friendly interfaces
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Gwen, CEO, iPad user

Needs a scalable solution that will grow with her business

MobileAccess has driven significant returns on our total CRM investment - it fits our business.

What Gwen needs:

  • Achieve clear view of business
  • Improve corporate performance metrics
  • Leverage agility for competitive edge

Return on investment
"We had specific objectives to ensure a significant return on our Microsoft Dynamics CRM investment. CRM needed to (1) support a clear and documented view of our customers, (2) better track and improve corporate performance metrics, and (3) give us an edge in our highly competitive market."

What Gwen gets:

CRM is kept up to date
"With MobileAccess we achieved these objectives. Our sales executives can now access and update critical information in CRM anywhere, anytime. CRM is kept up to date, because it's very convenient to find and enter information. Our management tracks sales activities in real-time, which has improved pipeline visibility and performance metrics. Internal and external teams have a clear view of customers, improving productivity and sales effectiveness."

Fits our business and delivers value
"Most importantly, customers are impressed with our faster response time. New leads from our website are instantly pushed with alerts to mobile devices giving our sales teams a 'first-in' competitive advantage. MobileAccess has driven significant returns on our total Microsoft Dynamics CRM investment - it fits our business."


  • Improved workforce productivity and agility
  • Improved customer response and satisfaction
  • Maximize Dynamics CRM and mobile device ROI
  • Fits existing CRM configuration and supports employee choice
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