MobileAccess Developer Training

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This advanced course is intended for system integrators for those who require a highly customized mobile platform. It provides students with an deep understanding of the MobileAccess SDK and programming techniques specializing in mobility applications.

Who should attend: Deployment Planners, System Programmers
Duration: 16 hours
Pre-requisite: Visual Studio, .NET programming techniques and knowledge of FetchXML

Topics covered will vary depending on requirements and student's level of programming.

  • Setting up your mobile development environment
  • Using Meta Rules to enable client-side form logic
  • MobileAccess Management API
  • Concepts: Procedural code (JavaScript) vs Declarative logic (Meta Rules), Considerations for Server-side Plug-ins vs Client-side Form logic
  • Extending MobileAccess with external web services
  • Integrating with other systems using .NET and C#

Support & Troubleshooting

  • Troubleshooting techniques
  • Getting support


For more information on the MobileAccess series of courses, please contact us.