MobileAccess Administrator Training

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This course is intended for those administering users of mobile devices for secure access to Dynamics CRM provided by MobileAccess. Topics concentrate on user management, Smartclient installation and basic customization. Familiarity with Dynamics CRM and mobile devices is strongly recommended.

Who should attend: Administrators, Deployment Planners, and Application Developers
Duration: 2 hours
Pre-requisite: Familiarity with Dynamics CRM Customization and Mobile Devices

  • MobileAccess concepts: components, deployment model, and managing mobile devices
  • Impact of CRM data loads, imports, record changes
  • Navigating MobileAccess and the SmartClient user experience
  • License key application
  • CRM Role-based permissions
  • MobileAccess Admin Console
    • User Devices: user management and reports
    • System Settings
    • Mobile Profiles
    • Configuring offline datasets
    • Entity customization
      • Creating custom entities
      • Customizing mobile CRM forms
      • Using the form designer
      • Form, tab and field properties
      • Alerts and Notifications
    • Console Users
    • Import/Export Customizations, Solutions, Users
    • Advanced Configuration
  • SQL database maintenance
  • MobileAccess Assistant
  • Changing MobileAccess service account/password
  • Using the Simulator Environment

Support & Troubleshooting

  • Troubleshooting techniques
  • MobileAccess Assistant and gathering logs
  • eSupport and logging a case
  • Documents and Templates


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