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Extended CRM (xRM) capabilities

Through MobileAccess, everything you've ever done in your CRM system may be mobilized. Because no two CRM deployments are identical, MobileAccess automatically adopts your unique customizations and adapts to what you have set up CRM to do.

xRM – A natural evolution of CRM

xRM can stand for 'extended relationship management', or it can mean 'anything relationship management,' such as a partner relationship management.

However you define xRM, it's a relatively new acronym in the software sector, even though the concept has been around for a while. CRM has traditionally been designed to help companies manage sales activities and pipeline visibility, automate marketing campaigns, and provide services ticketing and case management.

Because these functions vary widely from company to company, many CRM systems have become highly adaptable and relatively simple to customize. xRM is the result.

TenDigits takes an xRM approach to all CRM deployments because, by design, MobileAccess automatically consumes incorporates all MS Dynamics metadata (all the entities, forms, views, security, etc) and prepares a mobile-ready version tailored for specific device properties and interfaces. This means that you get to leverage all the customization investments already made.

Utilizing MS Dynamics CRM and MobileAccess to manage "line of business" applications and functions across the enterprise lowers overall IT costs, improves user adoption and greatly improves productivity. Deploying mobile CRM simply extends the reach and benefits.

TenDigits has developed mobile xRM solutions for many of our customers and can solve unique challenges in a number of industries, including:

  • Financial services and banking
  • Professional services
  • Real estate
  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing
  • State and local government
  • Wholesale distribution

We also have partners that either bundle their own xRM vertical solutions with MobileAccess or simply promote MobileAccess to provide even greater value to their end customers who wish to mobilize their vertical industry solution. View Partner Directory.