Core Features

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MobileAccess lets you perform your core CRM tasks effortlessly. It extends virtually all the core sales and service capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics CRM to the latest smartphones and tablets. This allows your field staff to use your CRM system anywhere, anytime on their preferred device.

Works on all leading mobile device platforms

A mobile solution is only truly mobile when it works on the devices your users use, providing them with the freedom to choose their preferred device. You can deploy MobileAccess to Android, Apple, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile and Windows Phones, as well as the latest tablets, including iPads and PlayBooks.

Enterprise-grade security

MobileAccess keeps your business information safe by using the most advanced, secure communication protocols, authentication and enrollment techniques to seamlessly extend a user's MS Dynamics CRM role and object-based security permissions out to the mobile experience. Users are limited to accessing and using only the data and functions they've been enabled to use. Even if the worst happens, your sensitive information can be wiped or removed in an instant if necessary.

Over 60 standard CRM entities

MobileAccess includes out-of-the-box support for over 60 CRM entities and embedded workflows, including (but not limited to): Accounts, Activities, Addresses, Announcements, Appointments, Attachments, Campaigns, Campaign Activities, Campaign Responses, Cases, Competitors, Contacts, Contracts, Contract Details, Currencies, Customer Relationships, Documents, Emails, Equipment/Facilities, Faxes, Invoices, Invoice Details, Leads, Letters, Marketing Lists, Marketing List Members, Notes, Opportunities, Opportunity Products, Opportunity Relationships, Orders, Order Details, Phone Calls, Price Lists, Products, Quotes, Quote Details, Sales Literature, Saved User Queries, Services, Sites, Subjects, System Users, Tasks, and Territories.

Custom CRM entities

Add any custom entity quickly and easily to any configuration using the web-based MobileAccess Administrator Console. This task typically takes just a couple of minutes per entity to identify the appropriate views and information that should be shared with the mobile CRM user.

Work in multiple languages

In today's global economy it helps to be able to work in multiple languages. MobileAccess users can choose from 25 languages, allowing you to support all of your employees no matter where they are or what language they prefer to use. English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, and 20 other languages are included out-of-the-box. More languages can be added as needed.

Smart forms

Our unique smart forms are just one of the unique standout features of MobileAccess. The powerful form logic behind MobileAccess smart forms speeds up the access to and input of customer information on the fly. For example, smart forms may pre-populate default values, ensure proper input validation and even dynamically reduce many fields on a form down to only those that are required at that particular time or stage of the process. As the user enters information, other relevant fields will then be presented real-time based on that specific data input. Faster, easier and more accurate data entry enables field staff productivity and accelerates CRM user adoption.

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Extend your Microsoft Dynamics CRM

MobileAccess provides rapid startup and mobility to any Microsoft Dynamics CRM or xRM project. We've got all the APIs, SDKs and technical resources you need to quickly extend and integrate your solution.