Advanced Features

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While MobileAccess does everything you’d expect from the worlds leading mobile CRM solution for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, it’s what else it does that really sets it apart from other products. User features such as multi-tasking, GPS mapping, photo and multimedia capture and upload functionality, advanced search and on-the-fly query creation, and document management deliver significant productivity benefits to users out in the field.

Other advanced features such as Smart Alerts allow you to get even more value from your Microsoft Dynamics CRM system.

Works online and offline - seamlessly

MobileAccess provides persistent and instant access to your CRM application and data – even without a wireless signal. Record changes are cached when offline and automatically synchronized when the signal returns. That means users can add and update Microsoft Dynamics CRM information anytime – even while disconnected.

Fully automated PUSH synchronization

We've taken away all the pain of traditional synchronization methods, removing the need for manual intervention or user-initiation. Automatic synchronization between mobile devices and the CRM server makes sure users always have access to the most up-to-date business information. MobileAccess’s unique PUSH-enabled synchronization between the smartclient and the Microsoft Dynamics CRM server is bi-directional, fault-tolerant and automatic, ensuring up-to-date business information for mobile and office workers.

Quick find

Within any offline view, users can search by simply typing the first few characters of the record they need and the list view will be instantly filtered to show only those records meeting that text input. We do all the hard work of pre-indexing all your data content to make life just that little bit better.

Advanced record search

Being able to quickly locate specific records and customer information within your Microsoft Dynamics CRM is an essential capability of any successful mobile CRM deployment, especially if your mobile users need to find information from very large databases. MobileAccess’s advanced search capabilities make it easy to define very specific multi-parameter searches, quickly find and drill down into the database, and even save your frequently used queries.

Multi-task with multi-window navigation

Our patented multi-window navigation allows users to multi-task and instantly switch between open CRM records, views, and searches. Users can even leave MobileAccess and review an email, or even receive a customer call, and return to the same screen they were using just as they left them. This ability to simultaneously work with multiple screens improves productivity and usability, which helps drive mobile CRM user adoption.

Notify mobile users about important workflow events

The MobileAccess smart alerts feature lets administrators instantly notify users of important workflow events to speed up business processes. This includes notifications about new customer leads, customer service responses, pricing approvals, expense authorizations, credit approvals, work assignments, and pretty much anything you can imagine.

Read more about smart alerts.

Multiple CRM record operations

In addition to standard Microsoft Dynamics CRM record operations, MobileAccess fully supports record assignment, showing related records, creating related records, advanced search, and viewing record history.

Appointment scheduling

Schedule appointments remotely, and in real-time, so users in the field can always access the latest version of their schedule along with the relevant customer information.

Day/month calendar views

View CRM calendars in day or month views, depending on the user’s preference.

Copy and share Microsoft Dynamics CRM records

MobileAccess allows users to quickly share information with others outside the organization, or those not using CRM, by email. Users can control the CRM record contents to be forwarded and their visible attributes.

Capture photos

Take a picture from your smartphone while editing a CRM record and have a thumbnail image automatically generated and embedded in the form with the full-sized image uploaded into CRM as an attachment. This feature may be enabled for attributes on any Microsoft Dynamics CRM entity.

Upload files

Users can attach and share files such as pictures, documents, video, and voice recordings to related CRM records. This feature may be enabled for most CRM entities.

Extended data types

MobileAccess extends the standard CRM data types with specialized support for Barcode, GPS, Picture, and Signature Capture included.

GPS mapping

Capture geo-coordinates on the fly and add them directly to the related CRM information.

Embedded CRM workflows

MobileAccess allows users to continue to execute specialized workflow functions within some CRM entities from their enterprise smartphones. The following entity workflows are supported:

  • All Activity types: Save, Save & New, and Save as Completed
  • Cases: Resolve, Cancel, Reactivate, Resolve
  • Invoice: Paid, Cancel
  • Leads: Convert, Reactivate
  • Opportunities: Reopen, Close
  • Orders: Fulfill, Cancel
  • Quotes: Revise, Close

Multimedia support

When combined with your smartphone’s audio, video and photo capabilities MobileAccess becomes a powerful tool to collect rich, detailed audio and visual information and embed it into Microsoft Dynamics CRM records.

Forward sales literature, documents, and other attachments

Easily share documents such as product information, price lists, and guides by creating them in your CRM and then allowing them to be accessed by and forwarded to any number of recipients, CRM contacts, leads, or system users. For records with attachments, users can open the contents of supported document types directly on their smartphone when there is network connectivity.

*Not all advanced features and capabilities are available on all mobile device models, mobile operating systems and/or Dynamics CRM deployment models due to inherent limitations or restrictions.