Customer Service

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Provide better, timelier customer service

MobileAccess helps you provide faster and more accurate customer service to meet the expectations of today's customers.

By putting Microsoft Dynamics CRM to work on their preferred mobile device, you empower your customer service staff in the field to provide better customer service - ultimately making your organization more integrated and connected.

Here are just a few features your customer service team can put to use wherever they are. (View all MobileAccess features.)

Manage accounts and contacts

  • Boost staff productivity through a familiar user interface
  • Build user teams from multiple business units
  • Automatically notify users of business changes

Enhance service

  • Track and measure performance
  • View and track KPIs in the field
  • Escalate and assign resources and activities
  • Use built-in or customized reports

Respond faster

  • Access all the data you need to respond faster
  • Implement set workflows for better service
  • Manage cases easily while on the move
  • Set personal preferences to speed up common tasks
  • Flexibly manage cases across different channels

Manage cases and contracts

  • Assign resources and escalate cases
  • Ensure adherence to contract terms
  • Trigger alerts to customer service agents in the field
  • Help staff sell more service and support contracts
  • Give staff real-time access to customer data while on the move

Improve decision-making

  • Deliver instant alerts through mobile devices
  • Gain business insight to activities occurring in the field
  • Make use of built-in reports to minimize IT involvement
  • Avoid duplicated or unnecessary effort
  • Use knowledge tracking and monitoring tools
  • Share and access all relevant historical information

Streamline scheduling

  • Manage and update schedules and appointments
  • Schedule services and resources to provide faster service
  • Allow agents to use a familiar mobile interface to access Dynamics CRM
  • Allow agents to view real-time calendars and resources remotely
  • Set up and manage repeat appointments

Improve user acceptance

  • Give your field service team access to real-time data from mobile devices
  • Ensure service reps are better prepared for customer appointments
  • Allow your service personnel to use their preferred mobile device
  • Enable rapid responses while on the road