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'Aberdeen Group Benchmark Report - Sales Mobility: Quotas Untethered'

While not all companies deploy sales mobility, those that do, outperform those that do not across a myriad of measures...

- Aberdeen Group Benchmark Report

A new report from Aberdeen Group co-sponsored by TenDigits - 'Aberdeen Group Benchmark Report – Sales Mobility: Quotas Untethered' - strengthens the case that CRM Mobility is no longer just a "nice to have tool" for some of the sales team. Rather, CRM mobility, in organizations where sales staff is frequently in the field, is a critical component to the CRM solution and has a significant impact on sales performance for staff and the company.

The report details research completed in September and October 2010. It touches on various mobility technologies, with a strong focus on mobile CRM.

The report found that companies using mobile CRM experience:

  • Better year-over-year revenue growth
  • Increased customer renewals
  • Increased deal size
  • Increased CRM user adoption

Other findings include:

  • Sales team quota attainment is 26% higher for organizations using mobile CRM
  • Best-in-class companies have 31% higher sales revenue quotas than laggards
  • Companies using Mobile CRM have 36% lower sales representative turnover than others
  • Best-in-class (top 20% performers) companies 70% more likely to enable mobile CRM access, than other companies

How to get your free copy of the complete report

TenDigits has semi-exclusive distribution rights to the report, to ensure our community can access its findings free of charge (regular price: $399). Download 'Aberdeen Group Benchmark Report - Sales Mobility: Quotas Untethered'